JLense is a plugin-based application development framework for developing Java, Swing-based,'business' applications. JLense consists of a core runtime kernel that supports "plugins" and a set of plugins that support the development of Java applications.

The JLense project develops plugins that make it easier for Java developers to create world-class, slim-client, Swing-based, GUIs to SOAP web services.

The JLense project also develops plugins that make it easier to create SOAP-based web services.

Read this Overview of JLense for more information.

News and events

Documentation Updated, New Focus on Web Services Announced
emorning - 2003-2-10

  • Major refactoring and extension of the documentation.
  • A new focus on web services has been defined. See this announcement.
  • The JLense Road Map has been updated.
  • Bug fixes.

0.2.1 Release Available
emorning - 2003-1-14

Fixes deployment problems experienced by many users. Adds configuration files as required by the Eclipse Product Installation Guidelines.
The Eclipse 'initialization' step is run by the build when JLense is built. The Eclipse initialization step builds correct configuration in the .config directory files specific to each installation.

New release available
emorning - 2002-10-14

Several people have requested that a new release be made available so I made a new release download available in the download section on SourceForge.


There will still be an alpha 2 release in a week or two.

Extension Point Reference Available
emorning - 2002-10-14

Added 'Extension Point Reference' that contains detailed documentation for most JLense extension points.

Screenshots have been updated also.

Project Guide Available
emorning - 2002-09-19

Added 'JLense Project Guide' that describes the basic procedures for checking out, building, testing, and running JLense.

Alpha 2 release is only 2-3 weeks away. The CVS repository is in good shape.

Web Site Redesign
emorning - 2002-08-27

The JLense web site has been redesigned in preparation for the next release and with the hopes of providing better documentation in the future.

The JLense web site and documentation are now generated with Maven.

There is a new Programmer's Guide, a JLense Vision statement, and a Roadmap to JLense's future development. An extention point reference is in the works.

emorning - 2002-03-13

The first release of JLense is now available for download.

All code is available in the JLense CVS repository (please note that the CVS statistics on the JLense SourceForge Summary Page are wrong, SF is having some problems with these statistics

Also, there are two mail lists available for developers. Please join!