JLense Licensing Terms - The Plain English Version

Plainly stated, it is the intent of the JLense group that everything it produces be made available to others under the most liberal terms possible. That means that the JLense group expects other developers to respect it's copyright, nothing else. The JLense group has no reason to ever enforce any restrictions on the reuse of its product. JLense is reusable in commercial applications with no strings attached. JLense can be resold as is, no string attached. You can develop your own plugins and redistribute your plugins with JLense, no strings attached. You can develop applications with JLense and distribute JLense with your applications, no strings attached.

"No strings attached" means that you don't owe anybody anything when you reuse a JLense product. We don't want to force you have to share your code with anybody or anything like that.

We want you to reuse our stuff. The JLense group expects to benefit from the reuse of it's product by gaining feedback on bugs, suggestions for improvements, wide adaption of it technology, enhancements produced by community members, etc. We hope that you will feel compelled to support the JLense community and contribute back to the community, but that is not a requirement.

UIWorks Licensing

The one and only exception to JLense "no strings attached" licensing is if you should make changes to the JLense UIWorks plugin. Since UIWorks is a derivative work of the Eclipse JFace plugin it must be licensed under the terms of the Common Public License. Basically the CPL allows you to reuse UIWorks with "no strings attached" with one exception...if you make changes to the UIWorks code and distribute a version of UIWorks in your application then the code to your version of UIWorks must be made publically available. Remember that the CPL license only applies to the UIWorks plugin.

All other JLense code is licensed under generic Apache/BSD-like licensing terms.


Confusing, unclear, legalistic licensing terms written by lawyers is included at the top of every source module.