Extension Point

Identifier: org.jlense.uiworks.applicationAssociations

Description: This extension point is used to register a factory that creates connections to an enterprise information system. Registered connection factories are used by the class to create connections. Client plugins refer to a connection by its extension ID.

Configuration Markup:

   <!ELEMENT connectionFactory run>
   <!ELEMENT run parameter*>
   <!ELEMENT run parameter*>
   <!ELEMENT parameter *>
   <!ATTLIST parameter name CDATA #REQUIRED value CDATA #REQUIRED>

  • class - the name of a Java class that implements the interface.


The following is an example of the extension point:

<plugin id="org.jledger.ui">


<!-- Get zone connections to JLedger data integration zones -->
<extension id="zone.connection" point="">
     <run class="">
        <parameter name="" value="ZoneService" />
        <parameter name="default.url" value="localhost:8099" />
        <parameter name="default.context.factory" value="org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory" />

A client would get a connection that uses the above connection factory by requesting a To use the connection defined above a client would request the connectrion from the class using the connections extension ID, like so: