Application Associations

A JLense installation may contain several applications, not just a single application. Including several applications in a single installation can create some interesting effects in the JLense workbench. For instance, the menu items defined by all plugins for all applications will show up in the Workbench. That is, every workbench application will, by default, show all menu items from all other application. Interesting, but not neccessarily desirable.

The org.jlense.uiworks.applicationAssociations extension point is used to mark a plugin as only belonging to a specific set of applications. The JLense UIWorks framework uses the consults the org.jlense.uiworks.applicationAssociations extension when building UI components and only includes items that are explicity marked as belonging to the current application or that are not marked at all.

Below is a typical definition of a org.jlense.uiworks.applicationAssociations extension.

<extension point="org.jlense.uiworks.applicationAssociations">
    <application id="org.jledger.ui.workbench" />
    <application id="org.jsales.ui.workbench" />

The extension definition above says that the plugin should only be used in the context of the org.jledger.ui.workbench and org.jsales.ui.workbench applications.