org.jlense.uiworks.preferencePages Extension Point

Identifier: org.jlense.uiworks.preferencePages

Description: The workbench provides one common dialog box for preferences. The purpose of this extension point is to allow plug-ins to add pages to the preference dialog box. When the preference dialog box is opened (initiated from the menu bar), pages contributed in this way will be added to the dialog box.

The preference dialog box provides for hierarchical grouping of the pages. For this reason, a page can optionally specify a category attribute. This attribute represents a path composed of parent page IDs separated by '/'. If this attribute is omitted or if any of the parent nodes in the path cannot be found, the page will be added at the root level.

Configuration Markup:

   <!ELEMENT page EMPTY>
   <!ATTLIST page
      id          CDATA #REQUIRED
      name        CDATA #REQUIRED
      class       CDATA #REQUIRED
      category    CDATA #IMPLIED

  • id - a unique name that will be used to identify this page.
  • name - a translatable name that will be used in the UI for this page.
  • category - a path indicating the location of the page in the preference tree. The path may either be a parent node ID or a sequence of IDs separated by '/', representing the full path from the root node.
  • class - a name of the fully qualified class that implements org.jlense.uiworks.workbench.IWorkbenchPreferencePage.

The following is an example for the preference extension point:

         name="Keyboard Settings"

API Information: The value of the attribute class must represent a fully qualified name of the class that implements org.jlense.uiworks.workbench.IWorkbenchPreferencePage.

Supplied Implementation: The workbench adds several pages for setting the preferences of the platform. Pages registered through this extension will be added after them according to their category information.