Developing JLense Applications with the Eclipse IDE

Eclipse .project files are distributed with JLense thus making it easy to get started developing JLense applications with the Eclipse IDE.
There are .project files in the startup directory, the plugins directory, and each JLense and JLedger plugin directory. These are Eclipse project files. If you want to work with JLense from within Eclipse then you import these project files into Eclipse. The best way to import all these .project files is to import all of them at once by importing the "Team Project Set" file, AnonymousProjectSet.psf, which is located in the JLense root directory.

To import the JLense project set choose File | Import | Team Project Set from within the Eclipse IDE. Then select the <JLense installation directory>>/AnonymousProjectSet.psf file. Eclipse will import all JLense .projects into the IDE and you'll be ready to go!

After importing the JLense .project you will find Eclipse launch configurations for running JLense applications from the Eclipse IDE. The three most import launch configurations are:

  • JLense UIWorks Examples
    Runs the JLense Workbench with the UIWorks examples.
  • JLedgerServer
    Runs the JLedger Server.
  • JLedgerWorkbenchMain
    Runs the JLedger Workbench.