Installing and Building JLense

Getting JLense

There are two ways to obtain JLense...

  • Download JLense and expand the downloaded jar into a directory.
  • Get JLense from CVS.

Build JLense

This section assumes that you already have JLense installed in the /jlense directory. If your copy of JLense is installed in a different directory then just alter the following directions appropriately.
JLense does not come ready to run right out of the box, you must first build JLense before you can use it. Follow these instructions to build JLense...

cd jlense/startup

Change the current folder to the JLense startup folder. All JLense scripts and applications are always run from the startup folder.

run-ant build-all

JLense uses the Apache Ant build tool. Ant is a core JLense plugin and a version of Ant will always be packaged with JLense. This makes it easier to move JLense around to different machines and build it without having to install and configure a bunch of stuff first.

The JLense startup folder contains a script file that runs the JLense/Ant application.
On Windows building JLense is simply a matter of running the run-ant.bat file and specifying the build-all target. Use the script on *nix machines.

That's all! JLense has now been built.

The build script also properly configures your local installation. After building JLense you should see a new directory named .config in your JLense directory.

Quick Test


Execute this command from the jlense/startup folder. This command runs the JLense workbench with the JLense example plugins.