Identifier: org.eclipse.core.runtime.applications

Description: Platform runtime supports plug-ins which would like to declare main entry points. That is, programs which would like to run using the platform runtime but yet control all aspects of execution can declare themselves as an application. Declared applications can be run directly from the main platform launcher by specifying the -application argument where the parameter is the id of an extension supplied to the applications extension point described here. This application is instantiated and run by the platform. Platform clients can also use the platform to lookup and run multiple applications.

Configuration Markup:

   <!ELEMENT application run?>
   <!ELEMENT run parameter*>
   <!ATTLIST run
      class        CDATA #REQUIRED

  • class - the fully-qualified name of a class which implements org.eclipse.core.boot.IPlatformRunnable.

   <!ELEMENT parameter EMPTY>
   <!ATTLIST viewAction
      name        CDATA #REQUIRED
      value       CDATA #REQUIRED


Following is an example of a builder configuration:

   <extension id="coolApplication" point="org.eclipse.core.runtime.applications"> 
         <run class=""> 
            <parameter name="optimize" value="true"/>